BYD Leads the Way in Global EV Sales

May 17, 2017

When one thinks of electric vehicles, nameplates like Tesla and the Nissan Leaf almst always come to mind. Fair enough as these are established players in the segment. But did you know that BYD is likewise making a name for itself in the area of new energy mobility?

The Shenzhen, China-based company reports that it has been recognized as the highest seling new energy firm in 2016. This is the second straight year that it has topped the standings.  EV Sales, a global website that tracks new energy mobility sales, pegs BYD’s total volume at 100,183 units, equating to a 70% rise over the previous year.

Leading the charge for BYD is the Tang, a hybrid electric SUV that ranked third overall in global EV sales. The BYD Qin and BYD e6, on the other hand, came in 9th and 10, respectively. In line with this, China’s Highway and Transport Society ranked the company as last year’s top provider of 10 meter or longer buses.

EV Sales notes that the worldwide EV market grew by some 37% last year, with BYD topping the list of Chinese new energy providers. The Chinese company accounted for 13% of all EV sales in 2016.. In the Philippines, we also get offerings like the BYD Qin and e6, courtesy of Solar Transport and Automotive Resources (STAR).

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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