Did You Know That the Rear Seat Isn’t As Safe As You Think?

August 6, 2017

It’s a proven fact that seatbelts save lives. The problem is that most people don’t really use them. This is particularly true for folks seated at the rear. This, in effect, poses a problem—a fatal one, to be exact.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently conducted a study that revealed that while 91% of front seat occupants wore their seatbelts, only about 72% did so while seated in back. The number dropped to below 60% for those who usually take a taxi, ride an Uber, or a friend’s car. In fact, a rather alarming 4 out of 5 adults say they don’t feel the need to buckle up when sitting in the rear.

These folks believe that they will be just as safe in back as they would be if they rode in front. While this may have been true during days gone by, when crumple zones weren’t standard fare, the exact opposite is true nowadays. Thanks to crumple zones front and back, as well as modern safety equipment, an unrestrained rear seat occupant is not onbly capable of harming himself but a front seat passenger as well.

A crash test conducted by the IIHS shows a crash test dummy hurtling towards the front seat at full speed, resulting in serious injuries to the driver due to his or her weight. Yes, unbelted rear seat occupants could cause serious physical injuries or worse.

So the next time you get into a vehicle, whether you choose to sit in front or in back, it is best to buckle up for safety. It could just save a life.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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