Electric Vehicles Could Be a Viable Means of Ferrying Tourists

January 4, 2017

Vietnam is one of those countries that has a rich and colorful past. Thanks in no small part to the ravages of war, as well as nearly 70 tears of French occupation, the ASEAN country has come out looking more beautiful than ever.

Apart from its beauty, Vietnam also has a lot more to take pride in, particularly, in the area of green transport. This was the observation made by representatives of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP), who recently visited the place to study how it has applied electric vehicle mobility in tourist areas.

According to Rommel Juan, EVAP President, and Bong Cruz, EVAP Executive Director, the Philippines and Vietnam have a lot of similarities, as well as contrasts that can be used to boost the former’s utilization of EVs for its tourism industry. Just like Vietnam, for instance, the Philippines has a lot of tourist attractions. The beaches, churches, nature, and even man-made sites abound in our country.

Just like Vietnam, the Philippines also makes use of EVs—such as ETrikes or electric tricycles-- in places like Coron, Puerto Princessa, and Intramuros. These five-seater electric conveyances are much smaller than the six-seat EVs that ply Vietnam’s tourist spots. This gives smaller groups an equally viable means of getting around the usually lush areas that could otherwise be ruined by noisy, smokey vehicles.

Besides the ETrikes, EVAP also proposes the use of the six-dseater golf cart-type EVs to ferry tourists in the said areas. The open air configuration makes it more enjoyable as passengers can soak up the scenery and absorb every facet of their surroundings. The group is also pushing for EJeepneys, similar to those already being used in Makati, Filinvest in Alabang, and Ateneo. The larger capacity means more people can join the fun and explore the sights.

But why EVs, you ask? It’s all about being environment friendly, EVAP says. The smoke-free nature of these vehicles makes going around more pleasant. Less noise is also a factor. And yes, the cleaner air means you not only promote your country but are doing your part in taking care of it.

Hopefully, we get to see more EVs around—tourist spots or otherwise.


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