EV group pushes electric bicycle sharing scheme

October 8, 2014

The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) has announced that they are pushing for the implementation of electric bicycle (EBike) sharing programs in the Philippines. Under the program, EVAP will tie-up with EBike manufacturers-partners which will then be made available for rent at various stations for leasing to the public at a reasonable rate for a fixed period of time.
EVAP President Rommel Juan revealed that the China Bicycle Association recently visited the Philippines and has agreed to make EVAP its Philippine partner for this program. “It is for this purpose that early this month, I will attend the Asian Bicycle Alliance Conference in China to chart out the direction for EBike friendly cities in Asia and the Pacific. Among this will be the proper implementation of EBike sharing schemes”.

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"We have talked to several cities and private community developers who have expressed interest in the EBike Sharing programs and in the implementation of EBike-friendly initiatives in their areas", said newly-appointed EVAP Executive Director Atty. Bodie Pulido.
He explains that what EVAP plans to do to jumpstart the program is to link up with the proper institutions in the supply chain such as international EBike manufacturers and promote the use of EBikes to local users to make this project come true. “We really see the need to educate the users on the virtues of the EBike sharing, that it is just like using a regular bicycle but minus the strenuous pedalling. But of course, if you run out of battery power, you can always instantly shift back to pedal power”.

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Juan says that EVAP is now in the lookout for an area where they will pilot test this scheme before a nationwide rollout. “If you have noticed, the MMDA is now implementing several Bike Sharing programs in Manila using regular bicycles and that is a very good start. We can learn from their experience.

As for EBike sharing schemes, these have been very successful in many parts of the world, such as the the Motit bike sharing scheme in Barcelona, Spain”.

To further push the project, EVAP is organizing a Green EV Transport Mission to China to learn more about bike-friendly cities and bike sharing programs which can be implemented in the country. This will be from October 19 to 24, 2014 and interested parties are welcome to join. For more details, please contact the EVAP secretariat at (02)9307003 or 09239432073 and look for Lani Labrador or email secretariat.evap@gmail.com.

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