Kids-at-Heart Now Have a New Addition to Their Bucket List: Ferrari Land

April 16, 2017

Most children dream of going to the Happiest Place on Earth, more popularly known as Disneyland.  For most adults (or kids at heart) who have a fascination for anything and everything on four wheels, however, the bucket list is usually led by a theme park known as Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Well, it looks like these same car nuts have a new addition to their must-visit destinations, this one in Spain. We’re talking about the newly-opened Ferrari Land.

Ferrari Land, which is located within the PortAventura World Resort in Salou, Costa Dairada along the Mediterranean Sea, sits on a 70,000sq.m. parcel of land that hosts a whole slew of attractions for car nuts adrenaline seekers alike. Red Force is the main attraction as it is touted to be the fastest and highest vertical accelerator in all of Europe. We’re talking 0-180kph in 5 seconds while sending riders some 497m up in the air!

While the theme park is literally a haven for Ferrari enthusiasts, one can learn about the marque without necessarily going at break-neck velocities. A Pitstop Experience lets one feel how it is to be part of the Ferrari F1 and GT pit crews, while Racing Legends and Flying Dreams fly visitors through the Prancing Horse’s colorful history. And speaking of history, classic Ferraris will be on hand for all the world to behold.

ferrari land

And of course, like all theme parks, there’s a lot to do for the entire family. There are various themed attractions to suit different interests, food and dining, shws, and more. One will literally find something to do while in Ferrari Land—even if you’re not a car aficionado.

Ferrari Land Spain opened its doors last April 14, with no less than Ferrari Vice Chairman Piero Ferrari gracing the affair. Learn more about it by logging on to

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