Michelin Stresses the Importance of Properly Inflated Tires

May 24, 2017

As much as we want to have a safe, hassle-free journey, the sad reality is that an accident or an untoward incident can happen at any time. Certain factors, such as a crazy driver who suddenly decides to cut into our lane, a bus that lost its brakes, and other horrific mishaps can occur. Yet there are some things we can do to try and ensure safety on the road. These include keeping our vehicle and ourselves in top form.

One of the ways to do this is by keeping those tires properly inflated. Michelin notes that properly inflated tires help ensure that the only direct contact we have with the road stays grippy at all times—whether wet or dry.

That’s because an under-inflated (or too little air) tire can lead to deflection, also known as the changing of tire radius due to load variations. This can cause unwanted behavior in the tire and the vehicle. Moreover, it causes internal damage and affects air-tight integrity, leading to rapid air loss. The same condition can also result in uneven tire wear and lessens tire longevity.

Over-inflation or too much air, on the other hand, tends to reduce the tire’s contact surface with the road. Apart from the obvious danger, an over-inflated tire can likewise cause uneven tire damage, such as when the rim is too narrow. Moreover, this state can lead to cable stretching and oxidation, resulting in casing ruptures. And it also tends to make the ride much harsher, not to mention making it more susceptible to impacts.

So how does one ensure correct tire pressure? It is ideal to check tire pressures at least once a week. If this seems too much of a chore, then once a month will suffice. But always check those tires with a reliable tire gauge before a long trip. You can find the manufacturer/s recommended tire pressure on the driver’s door, door post, or the inside of the glove compartment door.

Always remember that those tires are your only contact with the road. Make sure to properly care for them and they will do their bit to keep you safe.

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