Petron HTP Allows You to Take Your Car to the Extreme

February 7, 2017

Owners of high-performance cars now have another reason to rejoice. Apart from celebrating the awesome time they experience behind the wheel, they can truly take their steeds to the extreme, thanks to the newest line of Petron products specifically designed for such machines: the Petron High Temperature Protection (HTP) line.

The Petron HTP lineup includes Automatic Transmission Fluid, (ATF), Brake Fluid with DOT 4 rating, and the HTP Lithium Complex. Each one is designed to allow cars to reach extreme temperatures and conditions while still protecting the various parts from the harmful effects of stress caused by such driving styles.


To celebrate its arrival, Petron Corporation hosted a kick-off event to welcome the HTP line of products.. Host Gelli Victor welcomed guests who got to know more about the various offerings. Helping her out was our very own James Deakin, as well as Petron ambassador for oils Janine Gutierez. Afterwards, Janine and James led a pack of racers in a fun-filled go-kart race.

But after the dust settled and the winners were announced, owners of high-performance cars were definitely in for an exciting time. That’s because they now have a line of lubricants that is designed to truly bring out the best in their machines.

About the Author

Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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