Uber Rolls Out UberCommute in the Metro

November 21, 2016

Uber, one of the leading ride-sharing services around, gives Metro Manila residents another way to get around the crowded city streets. UberCommute is the newest ride-sharing service that aims not only to make life easier for Metro riders, it likewise hopes that they’ll save a buck while they’re at it.

Launched last November 16, 2016, the pilot areas covered are Makati, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), and Manila. As the name suggests, UberCommute let’s patrons get a ride with drivers going on the same direction. What sets this one apart is that one only needs to shoulder part of the cost incurred by the driver he or she is sharing a ride with. This makes the commute much cheaper than a traditional Uber ride.  Besides, this, one cannot discount the convenience of a clean, airconditioned vehicle during rush hour. Or any time of the day or night, for that matter.

UberCommute is yet another viable option that commuters can take to help them get in and around the Metro in a stress-free and safe manner. It also lets you #ShareYourRide and #ShareYourDrive with others to help #SolveTraffic.  With such innovative solutions, Uber is helping to make our roads a much better place.


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