Use Fetch On-Demand Valet Service to save time looking for available parking slots

February 25, 2017

A company called Fetch Valet has introduced an app which allows users to avail a valet parking service with just a few swipes and taps on their mobile phones.

This eliminates the stress of looking or waiting for an available parking slot which is a major waste of time for people on the go, especially in areas like the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig.

“Our time is so valuable. We should spend it on things that are more productive than waiting for parking. With Fetch Valet, we are not just providing our users with convenience. We are also giving them back their wasted time, so they can spend it on things that matter,” said Fetch Valet CEO Martin Luchangco.

Requesting for a Fetch Valet service is easy. Users simply have to select their destination and input their estimated time of arrival or ETA. They will then receive a notification showing the valet driver’s photo, information, and contact details. After meeting the driver on the agreed destination, users can then handover the keys and let him or her do the legwork of parking the car.

In addition, users can have their cars returned using the app’s request option. One thing worth noting is that depending on the availability of Fetch Valet drivers in the area, the driver who parked the car may not be the same person who will return it.

As for service fee, Fetch Valet says that it currently accepts cashless payments through Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards. Fetch Valet only charges a P45 pick-up fee plus P15 per hour on top of the regular per-hour-based parking fee.

Of course, Fetch Valet guarantees its users the safety and security of their vehicles. Luchangco stated that among its safety/security protocols include stringent driver selection with professional training. Furthermore, the company uses global positioning satellite (GPS) technology to monitor the drivers, ensuring that they park the cars on proper and safe areas. Lastly, Fetch Valet also provides insurance which covers the cost, should the car be damaged while in the hands of its drivers.

Currently, the Fetch On-Demand Valet Service is only available in BGC. As of this writing, the app can only be downloaded using iOS-enabled devices though the App Store. But Android users can also avail of its service by messaging its official Facebook page. The app’s Android version is expected to hit the market in a few months. To know more about Fetch Valet, visit





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