Beep Coins: Beep Cards and Give Us a New Way to Reload the Tap-and-Go Card

March 19, 2018

Many Filipino commuters have been enjoying the convenience of a tap-and-go payment system that allows them to ride the likes of the MRT, LRT, and a host of bus routes.  Yes, the beep card has revolutionized the automated fare collection system in the country. Now, it gives Filipinos another innovation as it ties up with digital wallet and mobile payments company

The new collaboration will allow beep card users to load up using their account. All one needs to do is download the app from Google Play, register or log in to their account, and voila! One can load as little as P10 or any amount they choose.

What’s even cooler is that they can simply tap their beep card on their phone to load up. This new function makes it a cinch to load beep cards using NFC-eneabled Android devices.

Just like the beep card, has been giving some 4 million users the convenience of storing up on mobile currency, as well as making payments and sending money using their mobile phones. It allows even unbanked individuals to make the most of electronic and mobile transactions.

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