Mini Flair: What Made the Mini Cooper So Special

March 19, 2018

It was small. It was a bit quirky. And the world loved it. This is the Mini Cooper. 

First penned in 1956 by Sir Alec Issigonis for the British Motor Company, the Mini Cooper was initially meant as an economical means of transport during the Suez crisis that put a damper on oil supply and prices. Yet little did everyone know that this little bugger would eventually change the face of motoring forever.

But what was it about the Mini Cooper tat made it so timeless, so appealing? Many speculate that it could very well be the design. Sure, it was a rather quirky and even mundane two-box look. Yet this very same profile actually looked good in various iterations. It could very well pass as no-nonsense everyday transport. It looked equally stunning dressed up in British Racing Green with the Union Jack on the roof.

The many faces of the Mini Cooper meant that it appealed to every type of personality. It’s the type of car that you could dress up to suit your style. And that’s what people loved about it. Everyone from housewives, businesspeople, motorsport enthusiasts, and Mr. Bean looked equally at home behind the tiller.

Then there was the drive. Sure, it didn’t have loads of power. Yet its light weight and go-kart handling made it a hit on the race track and the rallycross circuit. It was the type of car you can use as a daily driver on weekdays and run to the chequered flag on weekends. And it didn’t complain either way.

While it may look small on the outside, that little cabin could actually fit a small family. Or a group of friends. And they all rode around with a certain British flair. Yes, this car was a British as Big Ben, afternoon tea, The Beatles, and Mr. Bean. And yes, the world loved it just as much as it loved them.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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