What’s all the fuss about Volvo’s T8 Twin Engine Plug in Hybrid technology?

December 16, 2019

Volvo Cars has not been shy about promoting its vaunted T8 Twin Engine Plug in Hybrid technology.

It’s been saying that you will get to enjoy the best of both worlds—driving performance and environment friendly motoring---all in one svelte-looking and luxurious package.

But what exactly is all the fuss abut this new range of Volvos, you ask?

First seen locally via The Future is Electric forum held recently, the new energy technology does just that—utilize a potent internal combustion engine paired with an electric motor.

This setup allows the Volvo to drive in pure electric mode for up to 40kms.

This is perfect for the daily commute as it lets you drive emissions free.

Apart from this, it has two other drive modes—Hybrid and Power—that help bring out the vehicle’s driving performance.

And yes, you can use the Volvo Wallbox charger to juice up you Volvo even at home.

It’s like charging a very large mobile phone.

Beyond driving, however, the T8 Twin Engine Plug in Hybrid also helps ensure that you get to breathe clearn air inside and out.

Besides reducing tailpipe emissions, each Volvo is equipped with a carbon filter as part of its CleanZone system.

This means the cabin is free of any impurities in the air—including pollen and very fine dust and air particles.

Plus, all this ties in with Volvo’s goal to make 50 percent of its global sales hybrids or purely electric vehicles by the year 2025.

It even intends to go a step further by becoming carbon neutral by 2040.

This includes everything from the manufacturing process. greening of the supply chain, and even making its retail operations earth friendly.

So yes, the Volvo T8 Twin Engine Plug in Hybrids—the S90, XC90, and XC60—are the future of motoring available today.

They are for those folks that want to make a statement—that they care for the planet and their loved ones.

Experience Volvo’s T8 Twin Engine Plug in Hybrid technology at your friendly Volvo dealer today.

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