Isuzu and Coca-Cola partnership ensure safety out on the road

December 11, 2019

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To many of us, a bottle of Coca-Cola is considered a treat—a way to quench one’s thirst, especially here in our warm tropical climate.

Yet did you know that every Coke bottle we purchase has been delivered by truck drivers who adhered to some of the strictest standards when it comes to road safety?

This is made possible thanks to the partnership between Coca-Cola Beverage Philippines and Isuzu Philippines Corporation.

Apart from supplying the trucking requirements of the global beverage company’s Philippine arm, Isuzu likewise ensures that its fleet stays out of harm’s way.

Besides the 95 trucks that were recently delivered, Coca-Cola also maintains a vehicle fleet of over 3,000 trucks and 2,000 service vehicles. All these adhere to a strict set of safety guidelines that are hinged on three pillars: organization and culture, vehicles and technologies, and the drivers.

This essentially means that both companies make sure they follow a holistic approach to staying safe on the road.

Of course, Isuzu itself gives clients such as Coca-Cola Beverage Philippines the 8-Point Advantage that includes: 1) nationwide dealer network; 2) nationwide parts availability; 3) expert Japanese engineers; 4) expert service technicians; 5) mobile medic; 6) drivers and mechanics training; 7) safety driving training; 8) fuel eco-driving training.

So the next time you gulp down a bottle of Coke, remember what it took to get it to you safely.

 IPC President Hajime Koso during his Opening Remarks

 Executives from Isuzu Philippines Corporation, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Gencars Inc., and Almazora Motors

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