Caltex Fuels: Setting records both here and abroad

July 11, 2019

Caltex with Techron has been the fuel of choice for many a motorist for quite a number of decades. Now, the same formulation that goes into your vehicle’s gas tank has broken a World Record as it has powered a car up a mountain in record time.

Chevron Philippines Inc, marketers of Caltex with Techron in the country, recently celebrated this feat along with the introduction of its newest brand ambassador. The feat came in the form of celebrity adrenaline junkie KC Montero and race car driver Natasha Chang climbing up Doi Chang Mountain Road in 6 minutes, 52.692 seconds using a regular, 28-year old automobile. The record-breaking achievement was verified by Guinness World Records.

While this may sound like nothing to most folks, one must note that Doi Chang is one of the hardest peaks to climb, even with an automobile. Located in Chang Rai in Thailand, the twists and turns along the step elevations can take its toll on any vehicle. Yet Chang and Montero managed to pull it off—in record time no less.

By the same token, CPI introduced its newest endorser, Dingdong Dantes, who as you may very well know is a well-known TV and movie personality. Dantes is considered as the Primteime King at GMA Network as he has done more than his share of telenovelas that are shown during the network’s primetime block. He is also a passionate car enthusiast and motorcycle rider—making him the perfect choice to endorse the Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants.

Get to see more of Dingdong Dantes as he powers his way using Caltex Fuels.

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