UD Trucks PH launches all-new Croner medium-duty truck

July 11, 2019

Japanese brand brand UD Trucks, through its official distributor UD Trucks and Prime Quest Solutions, Inc., recently launched its all-new Croner medium-duty truck. Adhering to the brand’s “The truck the world needs today” mantra, the Croner is pegged as the truck which would help Filipino entrepreneurs to save time and boost productivity. It is, after all, named after Chronos, the Greek god of time.

How exactly is the UD Croner a time saver? For starters, its Philippine-spec model has options for two gross vehicle weight (GVW) models: LKE and PKE; and their wheelbase variants, which can offer up to several different basic configurations to suit specific demands of various industries. Additionally, the air suspension on all variants is available as an option to protect customers’ cargo especially when travelling on rough road conditions.

The UD Croner LKE runs with a Euro 4-compliant GH5E diesel engine that produces 210 hp. While it would seem to be underpowered for such a truck that weighs around 12 to 14 tons, this power output helps in delivering a hefty 825 Nm of torque, more than enough to haul heavy loads. The UD Croner PKE, meanwhile, carries a Euro 4 GH8E diesel motor that churns out 250 hp and almost a thousand NM of torque, 950 NM to be exact. All variants can be had with a 6-speed transmission available in either manual or automatic.

In addition, UD itself has strong ties and technical partnership with Swedish automotive giant Volvo. This means that each Croner unit that rolls out of the dealership is primed with the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. To the common Filipino business person, this top-notch quality translates to customer-focused after-sales support and advanced features, decreased number of service turnover, progressive reliability, fuel efficiency, and maximized uptime.

“In the last few years, UD Trucks has seen tremendous growth especially in Southeast Asia, in some key markets like Philippines. I strongly believe that the combination of the Japanese heritage of UD Trucks, the local ‘Gemba’ spirit where value is created and the strong support from the Volvo Group, UD Trucks can definitely bring customers’ success to the next level. Philippines is a market where UD Trucks has historically been strong, where it has since long ago earned customers’ trust across the nation,” said Steve Hedouin, Managing Director of UD Trucks Philippines.

UD Trucks takes pride in its comprehensive set of UD Extra Mile Support services, such as UD Genuine Service and Parts, UD Driver Training, and UD Trust Service Agreements. These were developed to ensure its trucks such as Croner run and remain in optimum condition. Additionally, UD also offers professional telematics solution that provides customers with real time information and reports to improve their fleets’ operation.

Photos: Randolph de Leon

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