Centro Manufacturing develops anti-COVID19 devices for utility vehicles and PUVs

May 27, 2020

In its bid to help combat the spread of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 or COVID19, Centro Manufacturing Corporation (CMC), the country’s leading truck and utility vehicle body builder, has developed anti-COVID19 protective dividers. These are designed to be fitted in utility and PUVs.

The dividers were intended to separate the driver from the passenger at his/her right side and those passengers behind him/her. At the rear, the dividers will separate the passengers from each other in conformance to social distancing requirements.

According to CMC, its anti-COVID19 dividers comply with the guidelines put forth by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for the utility vehicles and PUVs that will operate during the quarantine period.

“The divider material is non-permeable, transparent plastic and the dividers are installed conforming to physical distancing. They may be installed one seat apart or even at less than one meter apart. The LTO guidelines allow PUJ operators to install impermeable barriers between rows of seats that are less than one meter apart if they wish to maximize the 50% passenger load,” shared CMC Senior Sales Manager Vic Belisario.

Expect to see these anti-COVID19 protective dividers in a number of utility vehicles and PUVs by June 1. The reason being is the announced decision by the Metro Manila Mayors Council to relax the currently-imposed Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine or MECQ to Modified General Community Quarantine or MGCQ, allowing allowing certin business establishments and public transport services to operate.

The decision was made to allow for the economy to bounce back from more than a couple months of lockdown.

“We are happy that the anti-Covid 19 dividers that we developed will help ensure the safety and health not only of the driver but the commuting public as well. We intend to protect our intellectual property rights over this innovative product so we will have it patented.  Its simple design and easy installation also allows it to be easily disassembled when the vehicle is to be used for cargo loading. Thus, the vehicle can be used as a cargo and passenger vehicle on weekdays and family transporter on weekends,” Belisario adds.

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