Centro Says Small Trucks Are a Viable Business Tool

October 3, 2017

As the Philippine economy continues to grow, more businesses need to up their game to keep up with the trend. Yet with the worsening traffic situation, it somehow becomes harder to do so, particularly when it comes to transporting precious cargo.  This is why small trucks have suddenly become a popular choice for most businesses.

Unlike their larger wing van counterparts, these small trucks are capable of hauling a fair amount of cargo while still being able to weave through traffic with relative ease. Apart from this, they are exempt from the truck ban that takes effect pretty much the whole day.

Centro Manufacturing Corporation, leading truck body builder, notes that the small truck logistics is truly the way to go. Models like the Tata Ace and Super Ace have steadily grown in popularity since their introduction in the local market a few years back. Since then, these trucks along with other nameplates, have been serving the needs of Filipino businessmen and helping them in their trade.

Of course, the wing van is not necessarily out of the equation. Such large trucks are still used for transporting goods from the port to the warehouse. But once these get there, the small trucks take over and bring these goods to stores and the customer.

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