CleanFuel continues rapid expansion, opens 14th service station in Kamias QC

July 8, 2019

Cementing its position as the country’s leading independent fuel company, CleanFuel is on the move to make its presence known in a rapid way. Case in point, it recently opened its Kamias service station in Quezon City. This makes it the brand’s 14th station in the said city and its 56th station in the Philippines.

The reason behind the high concentration of CleanFuel service station in Quezon City is the evidently rising population of motorists in the area which equates the the growing demand of fuel. As regard, CleanFuel Kamias is equipped with first-class facilities such as clean and spacious air-conditioned restrooms, commercial space for lease, credit card facility, air and water services, and customer rewards program, which customers can avail points and redeemed products 24/7.

“As we continue to grow as a company, we wanted to make sure that we provide nothing but high quality and affordable fuel to Filipino consumers. The opening of CleanFuel Kamias is a testament of what the company has achieved over the last decade as a brand and the value that we put in our business,” said Bong Suntay, President of CleanFuel.

Suntay also revealed that the opening of CleanFuel Kamias is a step closer to his company’s goal of establishing 10 service station in the country this year. And like the rest of the brand’s service stations nationwide, CleanFuel Kamias also offers a wide range of Euro 4 standard quality products. These include Auto LPG, Clean 91 Unleaded, as well as Premium 95 Octane gasoline and diesel fuels.

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Randolph de Leon
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