Enjoy great long weekend road trips with Shell Helix Oil Change+

November 9, 2017

Most Filipinos enjoy out-of-town road trips, especially this coming holiday season and its calendar of long weekends. In view of this, Shell Philippines, the exclusive local distributor of Shell fuels and lubricants, is highlighting its Helix Oil Change+ service centers to make sure that every vehicle on the road is as well-pampered as its occupants.

But what makes Shell’s Helix Oil Change+ service centers special, anyway?

Firstly, each service center is manned by a team of professional technicians who graduated from Don Bosco Technical Institute’s Modern Engines and Lubricant Services course. Best part about these technicians is that they don’t just rush in, do their servicing magic, and move on to the next client.

What they do is assess each vehicle they handle in terms of its age, condition, and usage. This approach allows them to tailor-fit the service to a vast number of clients driving a variety of vehicles. When they’re done with vehicle assessment, they perform services such as oil change, strict safety checks, and comprehensive analysis, among others. Of course, they use quality Shell motor oils for good measure.

Ever wondered about the meaning of “+” in the Shell Helix Oil Change+? The answer is simple; each service center makes sure that the people onboard the vehicle is as well taken care of. This is because all service center come with an air-conditioned customer lounge, free WIFI internet, and refreshments.

Clients can also watch their rides being pampered through huge clear windows and CCTV monitors. all vehicles’ service records are also kept on file, and that clients are given periodic service reminders thus adding a sense of confidence, knowing that the service is done with care. As additional take away, technicians will even give sound advice and technical basics to clients as they roll out to their destinations.

Of note, Pilipinas Shell has around 200 Helix Oil Change+ service centers, nationwide.

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Randolph de Leon
Randy is a person with disability (PWD), a partially-blinded person with only his left eye functioning. Since childhood, the automobile has always been his passion, and is able to express it through photography and most recently, through writing as well. Outside the motoring beat, Randy spends time manning the media aspect of his business which he co-founded with his sister/college classmate. It's called Dragonlight Wellness and Solutions, a multi-business venture centering on improving peoples' lives through earning.