EVAP joins 2018 Next Generation Vehicles Workshop in Thailand

April 4, 2018

The city of Bangkok in Thailand recently played host to the 2018 Next Generation Vehicles Workshop, an assembly of electric vehicle associations from different countries in the ASEAN region. The Philippines was present in the said event, and was represented by the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP).

The workshop was made possible by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand. Its aim was to provide an avenue for ASEAN countries to give updates and share insights regarding the progress of next generation vehicle industries in their respective nations. These include the advent of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles and the preparedness of each nation involved for the eventual domination of such vehicles in their markets.

EVAP President Rommel Juan took the chance to elaborate the birth, evolution, and future plans of his association. He also discussed the future plans of the ASEAN FEDERATION of EV Association, an organization that was created in Manila 2 years ago that also serves as the umbrella organization of EVAP. The ASEAN Federation of EV Associations is comprised of such countries as Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, among others.

“The best result coming out of this workshop was our agreement to forge deeper technical and non-technical collaborations among nations in the region to promote the latest in EV technology and learn from each other’s best practices. We need to work together so we can be best prepared for the coming of the next generation of vehicles such as those powered by low carbon biofuels and electric and hybrid motors, shared Juan.

(Photos by Rommel Juan of EVAP)

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