Ever wished your car door would automatically open when you walk up to it? Jaguar Land Rover is about to grant your wish

December 19, 2018

t’s not uncommon for many motorists to lug around large loads of groceries, a baby, or other stuff and find themselves unable to even open the car door. Well, Jaguar Land Rover has heard your pleas for viable solutions and puts forth the mobility door prototype.

Using a host of sensors and keyless entry technology, JLR’s nifty door actuator senses when the driver  approaches the vehicle and automatically opens the door for them. While this may seem like a frivolous thing befitting the truly lazy, it actually has a few tangible benefits. This is particularly true for the differently abled, making their life a lot easier. Then there are the aforementioned cases of having loads of stuff in town.

Apart from being an invisible doorman, the mobility door prototype features a button inside the cabin that allows drivers and passengers to close the door without having to reach for the handle. Useful in rainy or snywy conditions, as well as a godsend for the physically challenged. There is also a sensor that detects poles and other obstacles that can be truly helpful in preventing unwanted dings and scratches.

As this device is still in the development stage, JLR has sought the help of gold medalist, Invictus athliete Mark Ommrod, Former Royal Mrine Commando. He will help test the system and ensure that it will be up to spec when it makes its market debut.

And in case you’re wondering, yes the system will shut the door and lock the vehicle when you walk away. Cool, huh

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