Exciting racing action unfolds at the 2018 Toyota Vios Cup Round 1

May 2, 2018

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), the official distributor of Toyota vehicles in the country, successfully held Round 1 of the 2018 Vios Cup, a one-make race featuring the Vios subcompact sedan. It took place last April 27 and 28 at the 4.2 km-long Clark International Speedway in Pampanga.

Aside from the new rule changes that spiced up the competition as explained here, this year’s Toyota Vios Cup introduced the 3-race challenge for every round. This means that each round now has 3 races instead of just 2, making things extra interesting for the racers, teams, and fans alike.

Race 1

The first of the 3 races was held on April 27. Despite the extreme Friday high noon heat, Vincent Courcol (AP Corse/Toyota Makati) managed to clinch 1st place in Rota Promotional Class. He was joined on the podium by lady driver Elysse Menorca (Obengers) in 2nd and JJ Beredo (Parts Pro Racing) in 3rd. Running alongside the Promotional Class race was the Celebrity Class. This category saw its first 3 winners namely Troy Montero, Fabio Ide, and Sam Milby who crossed the line in that order.

Up in Bridgestone Sporting Class, DonnVic Portugal (Toyota San Pablo) claimed 1st place, followed by Red Diwa (Toyota Isabela) in 2nd and John Dizon (Obengers) in 3rd. Meanwhile, the top-seeded Toyota Super Sporting Class closed off its Race 1 with Allan Uy (Manila Proof Racing), Ivan Diaz (Toyota San Pablo), and Jette Calderon (Toyota Cebu) going head-to-head and finishing the race in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, respectively.

Race 2

Race 2 of the 2018 Toyota Vios Cup Round 1 was held the day after. Claiming victory in Rota Promotional Class was Clive Fermin (Toyota Cebu). Elysse Menorca and JJ Beredo followed suit and took home 2nd and 3rd places, correspondingly. On the other hand, Fabio Ide, Sam Milby, and Troy Montero rounded off the Celebrity Class as its top 3 finishers.

Lord Seno (Toyota Cebu) took control and dominated Race 2 of the Bridgestone Sporting Class. With him in 2nd place was Victor Buensuceso (Toyota Makati), while John Dizon (Obengers) took 3rd. In Toyota Super Sporting Class, Gerald Loy (Biskeg) made a blistering effort to clinch 1st place ahead of Dominic Ochoa (TQA) and Paolo Agregado (Obengers) who took 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

Race 3

The final race of the day went off in style, much to the delight of race fans cheering for their favourite drivers and teams. When the dusts settled, Vincent Courcol made his win no. 2 of the Round by taking 1st place. Bobby Pangilinan (Toyota Cebu) finished 2nd, while JJ Beredo took 3rd. In Celebrity Class, Fabio Ide again took home 1st, followed by Troy Montero in 2nd and Sam Milby in 3rd.

In Bridgestone Sporting Class, Red Diwa, Lord Seno, and Gel Napat (Biskeg) crossed the line in that order. Lastly in Toyota Super Sorting Class, Keith Bryan Haw (Obengers) took the chequered flag and claimed 1st place. He went ahead of Allan Uy in 2nd and Estefano Rivera (Ovengers) in 3rd.

Catch the next round of the 2018 Toyota Vios Cup on July 28 and 29. It will be an awesome and very exciting round as TMP will take the races back to the streets of Metro Manila, at the Filinvest Alabang Street Circuit, to be exact.

Photos by Paolo Lesaca

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