Ferrari salutes Michael Schumacher in the most exhilarating way on his 50th birthday

January 7, 2019

As many motorsports fans around the world would know, Michael Schumacher played a big part in Ferrari’s colourful Formula One (F1) racing heritage. Since the German driver’s first outing under the Scuderia team in 1996, to his final race with it in 2007, “Schummi” registered an astounding 7 championship titles, an unparalleled record that stands strong to this day.

In this light, Ferrari spruced up its elaborate museum in Maranello, Italy to include the Michael 50, the Prancing Horse’s tribute to Michael Schumacher’s 50th birthday. Located in the Ferrari Museum’s Hall of Victories, the Michael 50 is a gallery of his timeline in the Scuderia by way of showcasing all his F1 race-winning rides.

It includes such machines as the 1996 F310 where he won 3 GPs, the 1999 F399 where he secured that year’s Constructor’s title, the F1-2000 (dubbed as the “Alba Rossa” or Red Dawn) to which he quenched the team’s 21-year world title drought, and the 248 F1 to which he win his 72nd and final victory with Ferrari in the 2006 Chinese GP.

Aside from this, the Michael 50 gallery also showcases Michael Schumacher’s contribution to the Italian carmaker after he retired for the first time. Under his supervision, the brand would release the 430 Scuderia in 2007 and the California in 2008, road cars that boast technologies derived from racing.

The Michael 50 is organized in partnership with Keep Fighting Foundation, a non-profit initiative that is registered in Germany and operates on a global scale. It was created to honor Michael Schumacher’s family, friends, and fans by way of bolstering activities that emulate his “keep fighting” and “never give up” attitude.

Photos by Ferrari Global

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