Mchael 50 set to showcase the life and times of one of Ferrari’s greatest racing drivers

December 19, 2018

Michael Schumacher is arguably one of the greatest racing drivers of our time. The multiple World Champion brought home seven Driver’s titles from 1996 to 2006, five consecutive ones at that. So it is but fitting that he be given a special place in the halls of the Ferrari Museum.

This is what  the folks of Scuderia Ferrari will do beginning January 3, 2019. This day not only marks the opening of the Michael 50 special exhibit but it likewise celebrates half a century of his life here on our beloved planet. The racing legend’s exploits on track will be immortalized via the special exhibit.

Apart from his time on track, Michael 50 will look back at the German racing legend’s contribution to the company that is Scuderia Ferrari. It is no secret that as a former consultant, he was responsible for developing quite a number of GT cars for the road. Afer all, who better to give his inputs than the man who is considered as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time.

Keep Fighting Foundation is a main partner in the Michael 50 exhibit.

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