Fill up with Caltex with Techron up north and help send a child to school

July 13, 2019

Road trips can be considered a lot of fun, especially when exploring far off places like the scenic spots of the Cagayan Valley and Northeastern Luzon. But did you know that going on a journey can give you the chance to help a child go to school?

Well, it can if Caltex had its way. Chevron Philippines, together with Northen Star Energy Corporation, team up to raise funds for the Caltex Fuel Your School campaign. Each of the 23 Caltex stations in the Cagayan Valley, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya Kalinga, and Ifugao provinces will donate P1 for every liter of fuel purchase.

The funds, which they hope will reach P3 million, will be used to fund the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math strand of 30 highest need public high schools in these areas. The money will be utilized to buy equipment to aid in the teaching of these subjects.

So go ahead and fill up on Caltex with Techron on your next road trip up north. You just might help bring a child to school and give them a brighter future. The Clatex Fuel Your school campaign runs until July31, 2019.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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