FOTON PH unveils new Energy Super Truck Tractor Head at the 2018 MIAS

April 21, 2018

Chinese brand FOTON, through its official local distributor United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI), joined this year’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) and boasted a fleet of its Euro 4 compliant “Blue Energy” diesel engine trucks. One such model is the Energy Super Truck Tractor Head or EST.

FOTON pegs the EST as a heavy duty truck. As such, it’s available in 4x2 and 6x4 variants with payload capacities of 40 and 60 tons, respectively.

But the main highlight of the EST is what powers it under the skin. According to UAAGI President Rommel Sytin, “Our goal is to bring more powerful, reliable, durable, efficient and clean-operating vehicles through our Blue Energized line-up that suits not only our consumers’ business needs but also to our environment.”

His statement underscored the real deal as the EST moves with a Cummins-built 11.8L inline 6-cylinder motor that can pull a notable 2,100 Nm of torque with the help of a 12-speed transmission. What’s great about this engine as earlier stated is that it’s “Blue Energy.” This means that this is a Euro 4 compliant motor that meets not only the strict global emission standards, but also the standards for safety and structural rigidity.

Aside from its more environment friendly power train, the EST is also fitted with creature comforts and safety goodies fit for the long haul. These include air conditioning unit, power windows, desert air filter, air bag seat, full floating tiltable cabin, electric rear-view mirror and glass lifter.

Below is a complete spec sheet provided by FOTON. It shows other technical details such as overall weight, fuel capacity, turning radius, and more.

Photos by FOTON Philippines

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