This is the fourth-generation Honda Jazz

October 23, 2019

The Honda Jazz (or Fit in other markets) first entered the scene in 2001.

Since then, it has been the standard by which all subcompact hatchbacks go by, thanks in no small part to its class leading space in such a relatively diminutive package.

So now, one wonders how Honda can make the Jazz even better than its three previous iterations.

Put in some tech, as well as continue the clever packaging as seen in the fourth-generation Honda Jazz that just debuted  at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Looking more like a mini MPV, the new Jazz serves up a clean appearance that caters to the crossover-crazy folks out there without necessarily being one itself.

It’s still the small hatchback we’ve all loved, this time with modern and rather futuristic lines to boot.

What makes this generation Jazz special are the tech bits found within the sheetmetal.

First up is the Connect on board connectivity system. This one allows one to talk to their Jazz via smartphone app.

One can manipulate various functions like security checks and look up different vehicle functions all via remote. The system can even send a security guard to your vehicle if an emergency is detected.

Then there is what’s under the hood.

While Honda has not exactly divulged any engine details, it did say that the new Jazz will have the e:HEV two motor hybrid system. This one, as the name suggests, will have two mills, with the emphasis on pure electric mode for efficient motoring.

And of course, safety is key with Honda Sensing finding its way to the not-so-little Jazz. This piece of kit includes auto emergency braking and other driver aids that help keep one safe on the move.

The fourth-generation Honda Jazz will go on sale next year. Our market should likewise see it sometime in 2020.

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