Future Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will help fight diseases such as the common cold

April 1, 2019

Recent studies have shown that as motorists, we usually spend an average of 300 hours in our vehicles each year. This could be more so in gridlocked environments like the Philippines. And while we may feel safe in our rides, the truth is that we’re not really that protected—especially from viruses that can cause illnesses like the common cold.

Yes, pathogens, or the viruses that are responsible for giving us illnesses such as colds and the flu easily form within our cars’ airconditioning system and spread just as quickly as we breathe in that recirculated air. Fear not, however, as automakers such as Jaguar Land Rover are hard at work combatting the spread of disease even from the onset.

The British car manufacturer utilizes ultraviolet light technology (UV-C) to help fight pathogens within the vehicle. The said tech, for those in the know is nothing new, particularly in the medical field as it has been used for some 70 years now to fight the spread of germs and bacteria from spreading in the air, in water, or on surfaces.

Think of JLR’s approach as a disinfectant that spreads within the cabin while the heating, ventilation, and airconditioning (HVAC) system is in use. It goes beyond the usual ionizer and microfilter as it not only removes odors and pollen but viruses as well. Thus, you can literally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your chances of catching a cold while in the car are significantly lessened.

Expect to see Jaguar Land Rover utilize UV-C technology in its next-generation vehicles real soon.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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