Get a Chevrolet Trailblazer or Colorado with all-in downpayment or huge cash savings this Truck Month

July 17, 2019

As Chevrolet Philippines—The Covenant Car Company Inc celebrates Truck Month, the Bowtie brand serves up a host of of deals that make it easy to own its Colorado pickup and Trailblazer midsize SUV. Buyers can go for either a low downpayment option or huge cash savings.

The Colorado 4x2 LT AT, for instance, can be had for as low as P48,000 all-in downpayment or a whopping P100,000 cash discount. Its top-spec Colorado 4x4 LTZ AT sibling, on the other hand, comes with either a P138,000  all-in down or P50,000 cash off.

Those that want the Trailblazer 4x2 LT MT, meanwhile, can simply plunk down P88,000 for the all-in downpayment or save P100,000 off the sticker price. Going for the Trailblazer 4x4 ZR1 AT is likewise easy since all you need is P98,000 for your all-in dpwnpayment or get P100,000 in savings.

While Chevrolet may be pushing its trucks out the showroom door, it hasn’t forgotten about its other offerings like the Trax, which can be yours for as low as P58,000 all-in down or P70,000 cash discount for the Trax LS AT. Then there is the Spark 1.4 LT MT that goes for as low as P38,000 down or P50,000 in discounts.

Either way, each of these Chevys come with a 5-year or 100,000km warranty, enrollment to the 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance program, access to the 24/7 Customer Service Hotline, and the one-hour express service. All-in downpayment promos come with 3-year LTO registration, 1-year Comprehensive Insurance, and Chattel Mortgage Fee. The promo is in partnership with China Bank Savings, PNB, Security Bank, BDO, RCBC, and Bank of Commerce.

It runs until September 30, 2019.

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