Get to feel how Jaguar Land Rover goes Above and Beyond the Art of Performance

May 25, 2018

It's not uncommon for carmakers to hold test drive events to let the public experience how it is to be behind the wheel of their vehicles. But it's another thing to actually put these very same models through their paces in the conditions that they were built for--with a prospective client at the helm. 

This is exactly what All British Cars, the exclusive distributor of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in the country, will be doing this weekend as it stages a two-in-one event dubbed the Jaguar Art of Performance Tour and Land Rover Above and Beyond Tour. 

Ongoing from today until Sunday, May 27, 2018, at the Mega Tent  along C-5 in Quezon City, the Jaguar Art of Performance Tour will showcase not just the complete lineup of Jaguar vehicles offered in the Philippines but it will also let visitors get behind the wheel and feel how these cars perform. They won't just go around the block, mind you, They can actually go through a slalom course, a wet track, and high-speed section to feel for themselves the Art of Performance. 

Those clients that want a Land Rover, on the other hand, can peruse the lineup and take  them for a spin around a course that simulates how these luxury rigs will tackle inclines, off-road trails, and push the envelope of traction.

This is the first-ever combined event held by the two brands. They have each held separate test drives in other parts of the world. But with All British Cars' first outing after its recent appointment as sole Philippine distributor, it was but natural to join the two brands in one mega event.

The Art of Performance Tour and Above and Beyond Tour will run until May 27, 2018. Yes, this one promises to be one very interesting test drive. 

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Photos and video by: Paolo Lesaca

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