Global Dominion's March Recap #GDFINews

April 19, 2024


(March 1, 2024) Truck financing is one of the products to be highlighted by Global Dominion this year, and the team dedicated to it has just had its first general assembly for 2024.

(March 1, 2024) Global Dominion refreshed its website to now show Ogie Alcasid and James Deakin together. Visit for more info.

(March 4, 2024) Global Dominion tapes for mga kwentong #PwedePala. Abangan!

(March 5, 2024) Global Dominion completes its 2023 annual report with a photoshoot with its officers and executives.

(March 5, 2024) Global Dominion attends OneCORE’s Clarity Overview Session.

(March 9, 2024) Global Dominion President & Managing Director Patricia Poco-Palacios spent time with the latest batch of branch management trainees for sales and marketing employees.

(March 11, 2024) Mr. Z Car for Sale gets ready for an expanded partnership with Global Dominion.

(March 12, 2024) Global Dominion celebrates its 21st anniversary with customers in the head office.

(March 12, 2024) Global Dominion chief execs started the company's anniversary celebration with thanksgiving and some photo op.

(March 13, 2024) Global Dominion Candon opens for business, to ignite and accelerate growth of people and organizations in the area.

(March 14, 2024) Global Dominion joins The Digital Banker's South East Asia Tour 2024 event.

(March 15, 2024) Global Dominion's Partnerships Lead meets with the officers of PLDT Enterprise during the recently concluded Smart Messaging Suite Workshop.

(March 15, 2024) Months before its 21st anniversary, Global Dominion joined the roster of outstanding finance institutions recognized globally in the recent International Finance Awards for 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.

(March 16, 2024) Lala Auto and Global Dominion are set to expand their partnership this 2024.

(March 18, 2024) Global Dominion CEO Robert B. Jordan Jr. will be featured in an international magazine soon.

(March 19, 2024) A top loan consultant of Global Dominion, Adolf Rosal, gets interviewed for a TV program feature.

(March 19, 2024) Emcor meets Global Dominion to explore partnership synergies.

(March 20, 2024) Global Dominion CHRO Don Matias will join the second Financing and Lending Forum this year.

(March 22, 2024) Global Dominion attend's V-Key's "Women’s Essential Role in Cybersecurity: Building a Safe Digital World"

(March 23, 2024) Global Dominion branch leaders assemble for a productive preparation for Q2 of 2024!

(March 27, 2024) Global Dominion and AutoKid further strengthen their partnership for 2024!

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