Guilt-free fun: The Nissan Note e-Power NISMO S

September 26, 2018

When one sees the NISMO badge, one almost always associates this with a special car. Being the tuning arm of Nissan, the NISMO brand has been churning out more spirited rides for enthusiasts throughout the world. And this includes electric vehicles like the Nissan Note e-Power.

Yes, the Note e-Power NISMO has been around since December 2016, giving buyers a guilt-free yet fun time behind the wheel. Apparently, however, Nissan thinks it isn’t enough. Hence the Nissan Note e-Power NISMO S.

The NISMO S variant retains the same structural enhancements that have given the subcompact hatch a bit more sportiness. What’s new, however, are tech goodies that help improve the already advanced e-Power drivetrain. The motor now puts out 136hp and 320Nm—equivalent to a 25 percent boost. This is made possible thanks to a bit of tuning for the inverter and vehicle control module, as well as more electrical output and tweaked reduction drive.

What all this translates to is better overall drivablity. This is helped in no small part by a drive mode selctor that allows one to choose various driving styles to suit one’s mood and behavior behind the tiller. Each mode is meant to bring out the best in the Note e-Power NISMO S—whether for economy or spirited driving.

The Nissan Note e-Power NISMO S is now available in its Japanese home market.

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