Have a worry-free journey with the Automoto Car and Motorcycle Repair Kit

February 23, 2018

Summer is just around the corner. This means road trips, road trips, and more road trips with friends and family. But the reality is that no matter how meticulously you prep up your ride for the long journey, there’s always this slim chance that you’ll encounter things along the way like a flat tire or broken gasket.

Good thing Pioneer Adhesives, Inc. has a solution. It’s called the Automoto Repair Kit, and the best part is that those who use motorcycles as their means of transport will find this just as useful. Now, patching up that flat tire or plugging up that leaked hose is as easy as opening the kit and picking out the right item for the job.

Each Automoto Repair Kit consists of 1 of each; Mighty Gasket Black (30g), Durasteel 5 Epoxy (35g), Plus Five Clear Epoxy (15g), Mighty Bond Xtreme (1g), and RC1 Lubricating Spray (100ml).

Do note that while the Automoto Repair Kit may help you get a move on when things suddenly happen on the road; it’s still wiser to take your vehicle to the nearest repair shop after patching up. The purpose of the kit is to act as a First Aid system for your vehicle.

The Pioneer Automoto Car and Motorcycle Repair Kit is now available nationwide at your nearest True Value or Ace Hardware stores. It comes off the shelf for only P350.

(Photos by Pioneer Adhesives, Inc.)

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