Hazard Alert: Volvo uses the hazard lights to warn other drivers of potential dangers on the road--even before they actually see the stalled vehicle

May 16, 2018

One of the most misused devices on today’s automobiles is arguably the hazard light. A lot of drivers tend to switch it on during a downpour in the hopes of being seen by other drivers. Then there are those that use it while double-parked (usually near a No Parking sign), thinking that it is some sort of a force field against the authorities.

In truth, however, the hazard lights are there to signify just that—that there is an emergency. Case in point is the new Hazard Light Alert system from Volvo Cars. A feature shared with Volvo Trucks, the Swedish car and truck maker will utilize this safety device to help prevent even more road hazards.

As soon as the hazard lights are switched on onboard selected Volvo cars and trucks, a warning signal will be sent to the cloud that will warn other drivers of the potential road hazard. This will then switch on a warning light on the instrument panel of connected vehicles that will prompt them to avoid the said mishap waiting to happen.

While the technology has been around in Sweden and Norway since 2016, this is the first time that Volvo Cars will be sharing the tech with its sister company Volvo Trucks. It hopes to eventually make the technology available to other cars on the road.

In essence, it is useful for those road with bends or blind corners where stalled vehicles might be parked without anyone knowing they are there.  Moreover, it is the vital first step in Volvo Cars’ vision of a connected car network where all vehicles will communicate with each other in order to help avoid accidents and thus, help save lives.

All this is yet another step in Volvo’s continuing journey towards an accident-free world. It all began in 1959 when Volvo first opened the patent for the three-point seatbelt. Now, it is a feature that is standard on all cars.

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