Subaru cars and owners converge in Boxer Madness 2, the country’s largest Subaru gathering

May 16, 2018

Last May 12, 2018, the spacious multi-level Dela Rosa Car Park in Makati saw over 200 Subaru vehicles and hundreds more Subaru owners and enthusiasts gather for an all-out fun and exciting weekend. It’s the Boxer Madness 2, and it all went down in the books as the Philippines’ largest Subaru car club meet to date.

As an overview, the Boxer Madness stemmed from the collective ideas of a handful of Subaru car owners and club representatives last year such as JC Ibarra, Kale Alvarez, and Peter Gaw. What’s special about their idea is that it’s a non-partisan car club meet. This means that all Subaru car clubs are free to join. Even those who do not belong to any Subaru car club are welcome, as long as they own a Subaru, are proud of driving it, and are game to mingle with fellow Subaru enthusiasts.

In short, the Boxer Madness is all about unity, camaraderie, and the passion for Subaru, the Japanese car brand famous for its boxer engine technology, symmetrical all-wheel drive innovation, and motorsport heritage.

The Boxer Madness 2 attracted a total of 15 Subaru car clubs. These are comprised of the 86/BRZ Club Philippines, AWD Squad Philippines, Club XV Philippines, Forester SH group Philippines, Legacy Philippines, Levorg Philippines, SFX, Subaru AWD Crossover Club of the Philippines, Subaru Forester Club Philippines, Subaru XV Club Philippines, Subaru Club Philippines, Subaru Society, VAOC, Wagon Mafia, and XV Philippines.

According to Gaw, last year’s event saw a car count of a total of 149 units, an impressive turnout from the expected 150+ attending cars at the time. This year, however, the event exceeded that record by attracting a total of 215 cars as said by Ibarra on his post in the Boxer Madness 2’s Facebook events page. He also said that the event registered a total of 320 people in attendance, as well as a massive giveaway list of over 300 items.

Speaking of giveaways, many attendees went home with not just fun memories, but also some cool raffle treats. These include fuel vouchers, car care kits, car accessories, car insurance packages, Subaru merchandise, among others.

Ibarra, Alvarez, Gaw, and the whole gang behind the Boxer Madness 2 event are looking forward to another fun filled gathering in the future with more Subaru cars and enthussiats expected to join.

Photos by Paolo Lesaca

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