Hino leads the way towards a more modern PUV sector at this year's 4th Transport Cooperative National Congress

July 27, 2019

The recently held PhilBus and Truck 2019 was not just a showcase of the latest that the commercial vehicle sector has to offer. It was likewise a forum where businesses and the general public got to know more about the changes that are being pushed in the country’s transport sector. Chief among these changes is the government’s PUV Modernization Program.

Ongoing for quite some time now, the program aims to provide the riding public with safe and reliable mass transport by providing solutions that are in sync with modern standards. Hino Motors Philippines was a visible figure at the event, as well as the PUVMP itself. In fact, the Japanese bus and truck maker led the 4th Transport Cooperative National Congress that was held during the three-day affair.

The Congress gathered top stakeholders in the transport sector, along with key government officials and other representatives. Among the key officials who attended the event at the SMX Convention Center was Senator Win Gatchalian who gave his insights on the PUVMP and the country’s transport sector in general. The Senator pointed out that modernizing the PUV segment would not only provide new business opportunities but also help in Filipinos’ general health and well-being.

He cited things like smoke-belching, which was a major cause of various illnesses like lung cancer. The modern PUV, he said, would help eliminate this as the engines are cleaner and more efficient. The program itself would also help give drivers more stable source of income and help give them fixed working hours that would not affect their health. And yes, the safety of the riding public would be ensured.

Here’s hoping that all the things discussed during the forum would translate to a truly modern public transport system for all.

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