Hino shows off sustainable mobility concepts during the 46th Tokyo Motor Show

November 14, 2019

As we move into the age of electrified mobility, automakers are finding ways to make the most out of the platforms that utilize this zero emissions technology.

One of them is Hino Motors Ltd, which showcased its latest concepts at the recently concluded 46th Tokyo Mtor Show.

The main highlight of its exhibit was the FlatFormer, a 6x6 truck platform that runs on a Li-Ion battery and a 170kw electric mill. This setup allows business owners to configure the truck to meet a wide range of requirements.

It can, for instance, become a passenger vehicle that can accommodate a large number of people.

It can likewise be used as a food truck, medical laboratory, beauty salon, a convenience store on wheels, or even used for recycle management, just to name a few.

Such versatility allows business owners to use the truck for various entities, making it a truly valuable business partner.

And its zero emissions technology ensures that it will make for a sustainable solution for years to come.

Aaprt from the FlatFormer, Hino also showed off the Profia Hybrid.

As the name suggests, this one is a hybrid vehicle that also shows the way towards a future of green trasnport.

Yes, the future is green, says Hino.

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