Honda Philippines shares the Value of Community through Motorcycle Clubs

August 11, 2020

Filipinos are one of the most joyful, family-oriented, and social people –it is engraved in our veins. Amid the current global health crisis, however, we do not get to spend much time with the people we love, especially with community quarantines (CQs) and lockdowns imposed in most parts of the country.

Thankfully, the “new normal” has brought us innovative ways to communicate and socialize with other people. From shopping online to meeting through video calls, people find new ways to satisfy their needs and spend time with their loved ones. One of the best things that the “new normal” has brought us is the safety and convenience of motorcycles when it comes to mobility and safe commuting.

Motorcycles can also bring people together, despite the dangers that the virus presents. Take it from these Motorcycle Clubs, which do not only keep the community experience for themselves, but also share them with others by giving a helping hand during these difficult times.

The Honda BeAT Fi Owners Club Surigao Chapter, an MC of BeAT Fi Riders, took advantage of their motorcycles and brought food packs to their co-members who were affected by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, in the province of Cebu, The Cebu XRM Riders Club gave back to their communities with the help of their motorcycles. The club initiated a food drive to deliver snacks to frontliners in Balamban-Cebu City boundary last April, which was their way of giving back to the modern-day heroes for their sacrifices.

The Honda Click Game Changer Philippines, a motorcycle club for Honda Click riders, started a charity program through charity rides to deliver essentials and relief goods to the victims of the Gloria V Fire in Quezon City last July 19.

These Motorcycle clubs show how Honda continues to encourage riders to help and share the meaning of community with its “ONE DREAM” campaign, which aims to inspire fulfill the dreams of Filipino riders through the joy of mobility.

The Honda BeAT Fi, XRM125, and Click are only three motorcycles from the wide array of cutting-edge motorcycles created by Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the no. 1 motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines.

There are other Motorcycle Clubs out there, geared up with HPI’s motorcycles like the Honda Genio, PCX150, AirBlade150, ADV150, Supra GTR150, and more, sharing within their members the value of building a community and giving back to others in need.

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