Hyundai PH sales performance scores high in 2019

February 11, 2020

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. or HARI, the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the country, has closed its 2019 yearbook with all smiles. That’s because the brand’s sales performance has yielded some great results.

Starting off with its December monthly sales, HARI bolstered a 2.9% growth in December of last year vs. the closing month of 2018, which translated to a total of 3,163 units sold.

HARI says that its subcompact sedans Accent and Reina have contributed greatly to this feat, registering a combined sales figure of 17,761 units or an 8.5% improvement over the same period in 2018. On the other hand, its light commercial vehicle best sellers, the H100 and Kona, have both shared a combined 15,095 total unit sales in December 2019, a 2.9% growth as compared to the December 2018 record.

Looking at the bigger picture, HARI’s overall 2019 sales feat is still something to smile about. Despite the economic challenges, HARI still managed to bolster a total unit sales figure of 33,763. This may be a 6.1% drop in sales as compared to the whole of 2018, the figure suggests that HARI kept the fighting spirit up high, looking all positive to do better in 2020.

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