Hyundai PH starts 2018 right with a 3% sales increase last January

February 27, 2018

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official local distributor of Hyundai vehicles, has started off 2018 well with a 3% sales increase. The company reported that upon exiting January this year, it sold a total of 2,903 units, a notable improvement from the 2,817 unit sales it had from the same month last year.

According to HARI, its passenger cars led the sales charts with the Accent and Eon being the expected best-sellers. Buts surprisingly, the Elantra made a strong show of sales as it closed off January 2018 with a total of 219 units sold, a remarkable 113% increase over January 2017’s 103 units sales figure.

Combined, the Accent, Eon, and Elantra racked up a total sales feat of 2,036 units last month, amassing 70% of HARI’s January 2018 sales record in the process.

Moving on to the brand’s light commercial vehicles, the Grand Starex started the year right by posting a total of 329 units. That’s a notable 184% increase vs. the same month last year. Also shining in sales strength are the Tucson and Santa Fe. Both vehicles’ sales figures grew by 104% and 279%, respectively from their sales performance in January 2017.

In total, the brand’s light commercial vehicles ended January 2018 by selling 867 units.

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