Isuzu’s Modern PUV reaches Valenzuela City

October 23, 2019

from left to right (TURN-OVER OF KEY)

 Mr. Hajime Koso -  President, Isuzu Philippines Corporation

Mr. Celso Ensila Jr.-  Metroval TSC Chairman

The Department of Transportation’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program continues to reach more cities and municipalities in the country, this time in progressive Valenzuela City.

A turnover ceremony was held at the Metro Valenzuela Transport Services Cooperative parking grounds where city and transport officials took delivery of 17 Isuzu Modern PUVs.

Using the Isuzu QKR77 as its base, the new PUVs feature a body that was designed and manufactured by Almazora Motors Corporation. It boasts an entry door that is located on the right side—the curb side—for safer ingress andegress.

The PUV is powered by a Euro-4 diesel motor that is tuned for efficiency and environment-friendly performance. It has adequate pull to cary a full load of 23 passengers who will sit on side-facing seats and enjoy airconditioned comfort.

As with other iterations of the Modern PUV, this one has goodies like LED signages and displays, Wifi, CCTV cameras, GPS, and an automated fare collection system. All these are designed to ensure passenger safety and convenience.

The new Isuzu PUVs will service the  Malanday-Pier (8 units), Malanday-Divisoria (4), Malanday-Recto (3). Malanday-Sta Cruz (1), and Meycauayan-Monumento routes (1).

And yes, each one of these units will have the 10-point Isuzu Advantage that ensures drivers’ and operators’ rides will run in top form for years to come.

Expect to see more Modern PUVs roam the streets of Valenzuela and other parts of the country as the PUV Modernization Program continues to reach more Filipinos in the coming months.

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