Isuzu and Wuerth’s new line of products help keep your vehicle in top form

May 11, 2019

We all know Isuzu to be a leader in commercial vehicles. The Japanese vehicle maker also prides itself in developing some of the most reliable diesel engines in the business. Now, with the help of German chemical, electrical, and electromechanical firm Wuerth, it can further ensure customer satisfaction thru its latest line of vehicle care products.

Thanks to a one-year partnership between Isuzu Philippines Corporation and Wuerth, the two companies will be offering products such as the Isuzu Silicone Spray, Isuzu Brake Cleaner, and Isuzu Brake Paste. The Isuzu Silicone Spray is usueful for removing that squeaking sound in the window channel. The Isuzu Brake Cleaner, as the name suggests, can aid in keeping those brakes clean and working properly. And the Isuzu Brake Paste can help eliminate squeaky brakes.

All three products have been designed in close collaboration with Isuzu to ensure the strictest standards and highest quality. Moreover, the partnership is meant to provide customers with peace of mind, knowing that they have a roster of vehicle care products that can help keep their Isuzu in top form for years to come.

The Isuzu-Wuerth line is available at all Isuzu dealerships nationwide.

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