Lenovo and AdMov know what ads you want to see

May 11, 2019

Imagine hailing a ride via service providers such as Grab.  A few minutes after hopping in, you find yourself watching an advertisement on the headrest-mounted monitor about a product or service that interests you. And the series of ads during your ride to your destination is likewise about your hobbies and interests.

Admittedly, this would trigger thgouths of, “How did they know?” Coincidence? No, not really as this is AdMov Transport Marketing Solutions’ latest bid to stand out in the local advertising industry. And it has partnered with leading innovation company Lenovo.

Utilizing Lenovo’s newest Tab 4 tablet, AdMov and Lenovo employ such technologies as facial recognition to sense things as the passenger’s facial expression, mood, and the like, as well as geo-fencing that detects the vehicle’s current location. These then collaborate to come up with ad content that could be of interest to the said rider.

For instance, you’re currently within the Makati Commercial Center. The system would then generate ads that show products being sold in stores within the said district. Or, adverts about a sale happening at the time will appear on the screen. It’s a about relevant content.

While most folks are okay with this, there are those that care about their own privacy. AdMov and Lenovo ensure this as they assert that they cannot see who’s watching their content. Should you wish to purchase a product or service, you will be directed straight to the vendor or service provider. It’s that secure.

So don’t be surprised to see your favorite product being acvertissed the next time you hail a ride.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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