Isuzu Celebrates 80 Years of Innovation by Showing Us the Future

November 4, 2017

The ongoing 45th Tokyo Motor Show is touted as a showcase for the future of mobility. Major carmakers showed off their wares to give us a glimpse of what lies ahead for our motoring lives. Yet it wasn’t just cars that stole the show as even trucks from manufacturers like Isuzu Motors Limited were on hand. It came up with a slew of concepts and special edition offerings.

One such display was the FD-SI Design Concept. This honeycomb-inspired design study let visitors in on the future of the delivery truck segment. The exterior is a mix between strength and space, giving one a sense of security yet still provides practicality. Moreover, all controllers for the cargo area’s various functions and placed in the center and on the steering wheel for easy access.

Another model on display was the Isuzu 6x6. This one shows the brand’s tough side, perfect for traversing the most demanding terrain. It is best suited for those rescue operations in calamity-stricken areas.

The famous Isuzu Elf truck gets an EV or electric vehicle concept for Tokyo. This number uses a large capacity battery that addresses the concerns of rapid charging and range, making it a viable solution for the future.

Besides the concepts, Isuzu also proudly displayed a new range of engines for the GIGA heavy duty truck (6UZ1-TCS) and the D-Max/Mu-X (RZ4E-TC). These diesel motors are designed to be both durable and fuel-efficient at the same time. Moreover, they meet strict emissions regulations that seek to clean up our environment.

These engines, Isuzu notes, can be paired with revolutionary transmissions such as the MJX12 12-speed transmissions for heavy-duty trucks, and the MVL6 6-speed box for the D-Max and Mu-X. These two gearboxes and designed for smoother shifting, quicker response, and of course, fuel efficiency.

This year being Isuzu’s 80th birthday, the Japanese commercial vehicle maker took the opportunity to display its line of 80th anniversary models. The GiGA, Forward, and Elf all have their respective special editions that celebrated 80 years of Isuzu innovations by packing these trucks with special features that are touted to make life on the road safer and easier. These include remote vehicle monitoring, keyless ride system, and the like.

All told, the Isuzu stand really showed the way for what we can expect to see plying our roads real soon.

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