It’s Davao’s turn to get behind the wheel of the Isuzu D-Max LS-A

September 23, 2019

It was just last week when Isuzu Philippines Corporation launched the all-new D-Max LS-A in the Visayas.

This itself was only a few weeks after the Manila reveal.

Last weekend, it was Mindanao’s turn to get their hands on the most stylish D-Max variant to date as IPC unveiled the model at the SM Lanang in Davao City.

During the three-day display and test drive, IPC let would-be owners take a closer ook at the new truck and showed off touches like the updated bumper and swankier interior.

The Tough Enough for Anything event also gave buyers and enthusiasts the opportunity to try out the D-MAX LS-A’s chops on the 4x4 Tough Test Course.

Different obstacles such as the lateral descent ditch crossing, elephant holes, cross axle articulation, 45-degree camber sides, and the 40-degree hill climb and descent all showcased just how capable this good looking workhorse is.

This demonstrates that you can get a smart city sloicker of a truck that can likewise hold its own when taken off the beaten path.

The new Isuzu D-Max LS-A is now available at all dealers nationwide.

 from left to right

                                                                                                Mr. Yasuhiko Oyama- IPC Vice President for Sales

                                                                                                Mr. Hajime Koso - IPC President

                                                                                                Mr. Jockson Liu – President & General Manager Isuzu Davao – Southern Motors of Davao Inc.

                                                                                                Mr. Joseph Bautista – Division Head for Sales

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