J.D. Power Recognizes Hyundai Asia Resources Inc’s Outstanding Customer Service

August 9, 2017

Hyundai Asia Resources Inc (HARI) has been reaping quite a number of awards and recognitions lately. After riding the wave of increased sales in 2016 and through the halfway mark of this year, the Korean carmaker’s Philippine distributor was likewise bestowed the best Global Distributor award by no less than Hyundai Motor Company. Now, its after-sales service efforts have also been recognized.

In the latest Customer Service Index (CSI) study conducted by global market research company J.D. Power, HARI came in second in terms of customer satisfaction. The study was conducted between February to May of this year, with a total of 1,951 new car buyers who purchased their vehicles during the period of February 2015 to May 2016, and had these serviced between August 2016 to May 2017.

Clients who brought their vehicles in for regular preventive maintenance or repair work were asked about their experience with the various brands included in the survey. The study shed light on five factors, namely, service quality, service initiation, service facility, vehicle pickup, and service advisor.

HARI bested nine other mass-market brands included in the study. Beyond the survey, various clients, such as Team Hyundai and Club Accent member Froilan Santiago (who owns a 2016 Accent) and Team Santa Fe member Mark Pangilinan, are among the many satisfied people who appreciate the kind of service that HARI gives its customers.

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