Kia’s Future Vision Believes That the Car Will Be More Than Just a Conveyance

January 11, 2018

Carmakers have not been shy about letting the world know that they are gearing up for the future. Pretty much everyone nowadays has been putting forth technologies that give us a sneak peek at what’s to come within the next few years. Kia Motors is the latest to let us in on what is in store for consumers down the line.

The South Korean automaker exhibited its Boundless for All vision for tomorrow at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new strategy aims to show that mobility can be limitless, that there are boundless possibilities in the way we get around.

Committed to showing that a vehicle is more than just a conveyance for getting from point A to point B, Kia’s vision revolves around three core values:

  • Autonomous mobility: It plans to field Level 4 selfdriving vehicles within the next few years.
  • Connected Mobility:  Cars, Kia believes, will be able to talk to each other in the future. This will help avoid accidents and create a harmonious ecosystem.
  • EcoElectric: Kia’s goal is to launch 16 electrified vehicles by the year 2026. To kick things off, It unveiled the Niro EV Concept at CES. Powered by a nextgeneration electric motor with a 64kw/h battery, it promises silent motoring which is still enjoyable for those that choose to take on driving duties.

Beyond simply showing off a display model, Kia lets CES visitors experience what the Niro EV will be like should it ever make it to production. The interactive cockpits allow users to get a firsthand experience of the core technologies that could just make their way into Kia vehicles in the future.

One such tech is the new vehicle interface. Using gesture and touch controls, users can use the steering wheel as a remote to input various commands to control their vehicle. The new Human Machine Interface (HMI) also lets users log in to the vehicle using such features as facial recognition..

As if the first cockpit isn’t high tech enough, Kia also showcases a second cockpit, this one allowing users to get a feel of the new 5G technology. With lightning quick speeds, this connection will allow vehicle users to stay connected wherever they are—minus the obstacles presented by slow internet conection.

Music lovers will get a kick out of Kia’s new Sound Separation technology. This one allows front and rear occupants to listen to their own sound or music at the same time—without disturbing each other. It’s the perfect way for parents and kids to have peace and harmony in the car, especially during those long road trips.

And thanks to the magic of Virtual Reality, visitors can likewise get a foretaste of Kia’s next-generation Autonomous Driving technology. All these showing just how exciting the future of mobility can be—for all.


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