The Lalamove and Transcycle and Powercycle team up is meant to make things easier for partner drivers

June 14, 2019

From L–R: Christina Tolentino, Institutional Sales Manager of Transcycle & Powercycle; Tirso Arnado, Vice President for Sales and Collection of Transcycle & Powercycle; Dannah Majarocon, Managing Director of Lalamove; Akiko Sumulong, Strategic Partnerships Manager of Lalamove


As Lalmove continues to become the leading on-demand delivery app in the country, more partner drivers and riders likewise continue to join the fray. To make it much easier for them to acquire a motorcycle and maintain what is essentially their source of income, Lalamove has teamed up with one of the top motorcycle dealers in the Philippines, Transcycle and Powercycle.

The tie-up provides easy financing with low downpayment and equally easy monthly installments for partner drivers who wish to purchase or upgrade to a new Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, or other motorcycle brands carried by Transcycle and Powercycle. By the same token, the dealerships will give huge discounts on spare parts, accessories, motor oil, and other after-sales services to Lalamove drivers.

It’s just one way of making life easier for these folks who rely on their two-wheelers to earn a decent living. It’s meant to lighten their load and give them a chance to use the money that would have spent on these costs for more useful things for their families.

The easy financing and huge discounts will be available at all Transcycle and Powercycle dealers in Metro Manila, Luzon, and Cebu until August 2019 only.

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