Suzuki Ciaz: A stylish, roomy and comfortable ride for both personal and ride-sharing use

June 12, 2019

If you regularly go around the Metro and other key cities around the country, you may have noticed the growing number of a particular subcompact offering, the Suzuki Ciaz. Since its introduction a few years back, the stylish four-door has slowly made its way into the garages of many Filipinos, be it as a private car or a Transport Network Vehicle Service unit.

And with good reason. Thanks to it’s looks, you’d think that you’re driving a more premum model than the price would suggest. It somehow belies its subcompact leanings with a larger trunk, greater interior room, and overall increased dimensions. The added girth, however, doesn’t mean it can’t be squeezed into tight metro streets. On the contrary, the light power steering and easy to gauge flanks means maneuvering around the city is a breeze.

Speaking of the interior and trunk space, these are perfect for today’s ride-sharing segment that puts a premium on comfort and cargo room to help get around the place with all their gear. Passengers can enjoy wireless device connectivity with a large infotainment touchscreen to help them out. The 498-liter trunk capacity means all types of bags and stuff can easily be stowed back there.

Hauling all this ia a K14B 1.4-liter motor that is tuned for fuel-eficient driving. It  packs just enough punch to get it down the road with little effort. And it is mated to either an AT or MT gearbox.

For those that will use the Ciaz for their personal or ride-sharing needs, Suzuki Philippines gives free Periodic Maintenance Service for up to 20,000kms and from the release date of the vehicle until August 30, 2020. This room runs until June 30, 2019.

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