Land Rover Celebrates 70 Years of Adventure

May 2, 2018

In January of this year, Land Rover showed off an exclusive, limited edition Defender that would be powered by a potent 405hp V8 engine. The special model marked the start of the year-long 70th anniversary celebration of the British off-road make. As exciting as it was, the Defender V8’s 150-model run was apparently only the beginning.

In line with that model, Land Rover also announced that it would undertake a massive project to restore one of three prototypes of the original Land Rover Series 1 that was unveiled at the Amsterdam Motor Show. That model, as enthusiasts will note, is what started the world’s love affair with Land Rover.

To mark the exact day when Land Rover set the world off-roading some 70 years ago, the folks from Coventry prepared a special broadcast straight from the Land Rover Classic Works factory where Land Rovers past and present shared the stage with the people who make and experienced these truly capable off-roaders.

Notable Land Rover models such as HUE—the very first prototype that was displayed in Amsterdam 70 years ago---to the modern-day Evoque and Velar and everything in between were present during the show. The current model lineup that includes the Range Rover and Discovery Sport were also on hand.

Moreover, the engineers, designers, and passionate individuals who lovingly build these cars shared a few tidbits about how the world’s most capable off-road vehicle is put together. By the same token, people who have experienced these vehicles for themselves shared their adventures and journeys.

From a crude agricultural vehicle, Land Rover has become a posh yet still extremely able mountain goat on wheels. And it has become the ride of choice of celebrities, politicians, and Royalty. Get to know more about Land Rover’s 70 years of off-road prowess via the special broadcast brought to you by the folks from Coventry.

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